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Founded in 2001, vTradEx is the leading provider of intelligent cloud solutions that redefine supply chain execution for global organizations. Our mission is to empower the enterprise supply chain by using cloud technology for logistics digital transformation and enable them to make better, more responsive supply chain decisions. vTradEx has delivered a TMS platform to support the transportation ecosystem as well as a WMS for highly automated warehouses for more than 3000 of the world’s leading companies, including CPG, retail, pharmaceuticals, apparel and fashion, automotive, high-tech, manufacturing, and logistics companies. By bringing this ecosystem of shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers to the cloud, vTradEx enables end-to-end visibility, connectivity, and efficiency to the trading partners. This helps our customers to cut costs and gain an unparalleled advantage. In 2018 and thereafter, vTradEx was recognized as an Honorable Mention in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Survey for WMS, TMS, and YMS software on a global scale.


Tier 1

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●  China HQ : 7th Floor, Building 1, Modern Logistics Building, No. 448 Hongcao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

●  Global HQ : 120 ROBINSON ROAD #13-01 SINGAPORE (068913)


Leadership Team

vTradEx’s leadership team has both international and local experience. President Meng-Huai Chen graduated with three Masters Degrees from Sloan School of Management, MIT, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Industrial Engineering) and University of Oregon (Applied Mathematics). She worked in many multinational companies, including Sabre Decision Technologies, American Airlines, Unisys, and Netease prior to the founding of vTradEx, a logistics software company focused on the China market. Ms. Chen’s vision for the China logistics industry and her guidance to top-tier Chinese companies’ logistics strategy as well as the IT development has made her reputation in the industry. She is a member of the China Communications and Transportation Association, China Federation of Logistics Procurement and Automotive Logistics Association, and the Cold Chain Logistics Standards Commission. She has been invited to be the expert committee for the China Logistics Information Technology Commission.

The company has a high-quality and internationally educated team. 7% of the employees graduated from well-known international universities, including United States, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. 3% of employees have a doctorate degree, 27% have a master's degree and 60% have an undergraduate degree. The team has a well-established overseas background and excellent management experience. When it comes to the design, development, and implementation of solutions for supply chain and logistics management, our team has the unique capability of taking into account both the international perspective and the local delivery capability.



Gartner TMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner WMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner TMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner WMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner TMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner WMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner TMS Global highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner WMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner WMS Global highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner TMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner TMS Global highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner WMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner TMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner WMS Global highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner TMS Global highly Anticipated Supplier


Gartner TMS Asia Pacific highly Anticipated Supplier

Asia/Pacific Context: Magic Quadrant for Transport Management Systems

Market Differentiators

In this research, we highlight a subsegment of the transportation management system(TMS) market covered in the Magic Quadrant for Transportation Management Systems.For the purposes of this research, we define the Asia/Pacific (APAC) region as consisting of Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

Asia/Pacific is often considered one holistic market. However, it is more of an amalgamation of submarkets where local specialization is often valued by customers. This has led to some vendors focusing their solutions on a single country or a small number of countries. Conversely, organizations that operate complex global supply chains often favor vendors that provide applications that can be implemented and utilized across the Asia/Pacific region, if not worldwide.

The sheer geographic and population size of the Asia/Pacific region, and the diverse countries spread across the region, create unique challenges for organizations operating in the region, including:

Multiple languages and currencies | Cultural differences and traditions | Complex trade agreements, regulations, compliance and legal requirements | Varied economic conditions | Diverse geopolitical landscapes | Uneven development of infrastructure across countries | Segmented carrier networks | Increasing levels of urbanization | Increasing importance of green and sustainable transportation | Varying data security and sharing regulations and requirements


Notable Vendors

Vendors included in this Magic Quadrant Perspective have customers that are successfully using their products and services. Selections are based on analyst opinion and references that validate IT provider claims; however, this is not an exhaustive list or analysis of vendors in this market. Use this perspective as a resource for evaluations, but explore the market further to gauge the ability of each vendor to address your unique business problems and technical concerns. Consider this research as part of your due diligence and in conjunction with discussions with Gartner analysts and other resources.



vTradEx is a specialist TMS vendor offering a set of cloud-based, web and mobile logistics management applications as part of its eLOG suite. The suite includes capabilities in order management, transportation management, route optimization, yard management and warehouse management solutions. eLOG TMS is available via a licensed, on-premises offering or as a single- or multitenant cloud version. vTradEx customers are primarily midsize and large enterprise shippers. vTradEx supports customers across industries, but has a focus on consumer products, retail, 3PL, automotive, high tech and manufacturing. Organizations in China and Vietnam utilize the vTradEx solution. vTradEx also has customers in Africa, Europe and North America. vTradeEx provides sales and service support from its offices in China and partners in Asia.


Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner TMS&WMS “highly Anticipated Supplier”

Cold Chain Industry Gold Chain Award

"Top 10 Product Application Cases" of the Cold Chain Industry Gold Chain Award

2020 Warehouse Automation Market Graph

vTradEx listed in LogisticsIQ™《2020 Warehouse Automation Market Graph》

Innovation Award in the Automotive Logistics Industry

“2017 Automotive Logistics Industry Innovation Award”

Excellent Cases of Logistics and Procurement Informatization

Excellence in China's logistics information practice

Shanghai Science and Technology Award

Shanghai Science and Technology Award (second prize)
Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Shanghai, vTradEx is highly recognized by international professional institutions, associations, and clients.


Transforming Logistics with Technology


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