Support logistics costs of multiple business systems

Natural language-based billing rule engine

●   Natural language definition Calculation formulas define freight rates and do not require programming implementation.
●   Classification by number of pieces, weight, volume, pallet, by owner, by goods.
●   The freight rates at different times are distinguished according to the version, seamless switching.

返回 列表 = 创建列表
 进入子规则 = "否";
每个 (  明细1:分组1 ) {
	如果 (  进入子规则=="否" ) {
		明细数据1 =明细1
		分组号2 =明细1.分组号2
		承运商 =明细1.承运商
		每个 (明细2明细1.分组2) {
			如果 ( 进入子规则=="否" ) {
				明细数据2 =明细2
				$分组号3 =明细2.分组号3
				$订单类型 =明细2.订单类型
				如果 (  订单类型=="陆运零担" ) {
				如果 (  订单类型=="陆运零担温控" ) {

Bill management

●  Bill receivable/payable management
●  Daily bill management

Business analysis

Relying on the order accounting system, the cost and income analysis of lines, regions, warehousing services, and transportation services are established.

 Analysis of the cost and return cost of Jiangsu-Jiangxi line transportation (unit: yuan)

    Anhui-Guangdong line transportation and storage cost analysis (unit: yuan)

     Analysis of the transportation cost of various lines of a carrier company (unit: yuan)