Strong scheduling function

●   Loading according to the line: The system generates the scheduling suggestion based on the line, which is conducive to subsequent artificial scheduling.
●   Loading optimization: Graphical scheduling can optimize the arrangement of delivery lines and vehicles, which is conducive to optimizing actual transportation operations.

Multi-platform scheduling management

●   The centralized scheduling adopts the method of not distinguishing the operating platform to schedule the orders under all operating platforms.
●   Regional center scheduling adopts the method of distinguishing the operating platform, and the orders of each platform can only be operated by this platform.

Carrier management

Provide multi -level associate operation platforms to adapt to multi -level orders for Chinese transportation.

Factors to formulate the order rules:
●  Order requirements    ●  The carrier multi-level distribution list    ●  Transportation and distribution area    ●  Way of transportation     ●  Transport direction    ●  Carrier transport quota    ●  Client    ●  ...

Transportation Executive Monitoring: Transportation Direct Monitoring Point

GPS/GIS Integration

GPS/GIS is divided into three integrated modes:
Embedded integrated mode; Reverse integration mode; Deep integration mode. Support vehicles an automatic alarm on the way, including: temperature monitoring, overtime driving, overspeed warning, carriage switch, deviation, delay ...

Manual filling

Daily fixed-point trigger mode:
According to different carrier; according to different transportation methods, define the report time. Time period trigger mode: according to different carrier; according to different transportation methods, define the reporting cycle separately.

Mobile client

For different business conditions
A driver's version, management version and execution version of the mobile application (mobile phone) are provided, which is convenient to trace the operating trajectory of the entire order, receive feedback from abnormalities at the first time, and realize mobile office.

Tracking service

The equipment is small, the material is strong, and the signal is super strong. It can be placed in the cargo box at will, allowing you to track the "cargo" in the real sense.

Receipt signed

After the goods are signed normally, the signing receipt or the designated sign of the customer will be returned to the delivery customer.

Return image

The return list supports the three types of archiving, batches, and ordinary archives. The return image archive solve the problem of loss or recycling the return order, and it is convenient for customers to inquire at any time.