What is Cube-IQ ?

Cube-IQ is the world's leading load optimization software from Magiclogic, a Canadian company. To provide customers with highly optimized packing solutions to help customers save freight, as the general agent of Cube-IQ in China, vTradEx is responsible for providing business support for customers in China.

What can Cube-IQ do ?

Single box

Calculate the maximum number of items that can be packed in a single box for a given size.

Multi-box for a single item

Calculate the maximum number of items that can be packed in different boxes.

Multi-product single box

Calculate whether a box can hold these quantities of goods.

Multi-box and multi-box

Multi-specification goods, a variety of box types, calculate these goods to use what box packing is more suitable, need to use several loading.

Guidance report

Generate packing reports, packing instructions and other reports.

What can Cube-IQ bring ?

Save freight

Increase the loading rate by 10%~15%

Fast counter counting

An average of 90% reduction in the time it takes to line cabinets

fast shipments

Increased delivery efficiency by more than 60% or more

How to use ?

Create a crating plan in just three steps:
① Enter the name of the crating plan
② Add a container
③ Add goods
④ Click to optimize
⑤ View crating results

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