At the same time, support various types of storage requirements on the supply chain

Powerful operational rules strategy support

●  It is conducive to simplify warehouse operations      ●  Ensure that the management specifications are exactly implemented
●  Easy to integrate with AS/RS automatic device       ●  Realize intelligent warehouse management
●  Optimize operations to improve efficiency

Graphic handheld operation support

●  Using Android-based RF module, Implement the fast installation deployment and upgrade of the app
●  Provide a comprehensive RF function of on -site operation       ●  Support paperless operation       ●  Support the operational task automatic allocation
●  Support real-time query of warehouse condition

Operation linkage of warehouse transportation

●  Through the overall management of delivery time, the platforms are allocated according to the arrival time, and the sequence of vehicle approach and unloading platforms are scheduled.
●  After any platform vehicle completes unloading, the system prompts that the platform can arrange a second vehicle to this platform for unloading.
●  Since the unloading dock has been arranged in advance according to the delivery time of each supplier, the platform crowding and the backlog of goods can be avoided, and the waiting time of delivery vehicles can be reduced.

Inventory visualization suitable for supply chain multi -warehouse management

Supply chain visualization

Visualize the distribution centers, locations, inventory filling, and relationships throughout the supply chain network.

Warehouse visualization

Graphical display of the storage of goods in each reservoir area, the full degree of storage and the structure of the warehouse.

Inventory visualization

View step by step with the arrangement of the four-dimensional model trail with the warehousing.