Schedule the dock work in a balanced way

|  Dock reservation and reservation adjustment to informationize cumbersome processes offline
|  View the reservation of the target warehouse in real time
|  The system automatically calculates the loading time according to the loading mode of the vehicle and the operating efficiency of the platform
|  Control the time accurately and effectively, improve the efficiency of vehicle utilization, and reduce driver waiting time


Smart appointment recommendation

|  According to the recommended time period of the load, the smart appointment recommendation algorithm reduces the generation of time fragmentation
|  The opening period can be displayed according to the setting of the carrier setting for a period of time to display different openings

Support appointment method:
●  The customer designates a time for pickup
●  The carrier makes an appointment based on the open period


Carrier A - Pick-up area: Plant 1, Plant 5; Appointment time: 8: 00 - 11: 00
Carrier B - Pick-up area: Plant 3, Plant 5; Appointment time: 8: 00 - 12: 00
Carrier C - Pick-up Area: Plant 1, Plant 3, Plant 5; Appointment time: 9: 00 - 15: 00

Take the number and line up

Vehicle arrival

The vehicle entered the warehouse electronic fence, and the system automatically confirms the vehicle's arrival.

Vehicle queue

After the vehicle arrived, the queue began to queue up. The vehicles that without an appointment are manually operated by the customs clerk.

Enter the vehicle queue

The queue call rules can be set by themselves, and the system will automatically queue up the vehicle on the scene according to the setting. At this time, the number of queuing is based on the current library area.

Multi - channel notification entry

online telephone

APP notification

WeChat notification

Large screen display

Broadcast call number