ROS System Process

Master Data

•  Vehicle type
•  Address(Warehouse/Store)
•  Time Window

Road Network

•  Transportation location address
•  Longitude and latitude of each address

Import Orders

•  Import all delivery orders

Execute Optimization

•  Execute Optimization

Result Display

•  All Routes Display
•  Single route display
•  Schedule view

Solution Visualization

Single Route Display Route Plan and Mapview

Geographical Data Management

Scenario Management

Users can configure business scenarios such as weekends, holidays, etc. to facilitate the use of different optimization strategies for special scenarios.

Transportation Location Management

•  Excel Import
•  Setup fleet type
•  Setup location type
Transportation Location Management

Road Network Services

•  Automatic location identification based on address
•  Automatic generation of the full road network
•  Automatic generation of incremental road networks
Road Network Services

Network Node Map Positing Function

The user prepares a list of distribution network node addresses (e.g. 500 Tianshan Road).
The location module invokes Baidu API to automatically get the location of Baidu map.
If a particular address cannot be identified by Baidu, it can be manually located on the map and added to the address database.
According to the spatial distance, the system calculates the distance between two pairs of nodes (map distance, non-linear distance).

Route Network Generation Function

Automatic location identification based on address
Automatic generation of the full road network
Automatic generation of incremental road networks

The Route Network Can be Used to Optimize Calculations Directly after Generation

Time Window Setting at Transport Location

•  Support cross-day time window setting
•  Setting up of allowed fleet type for receiving location
Time Window Setting